The highest decision making organ of the Coalition is its General Assembly (or General Meeting) comprising of all nominated representatives of the African elephant Range and non-Range State members of the Coalition and the conservation NGOs admitted into the Coalition as Partners. Its decisions are reached by consensus building.

The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Coalition comprises the following:

  • The Chair and Co-Chair of the Coalition who are nominees of respective Governments
  • The Council of Elders, inductees of the GA/GM
  • The Sub-regional focal points, nominees of respective Governments
  • The Partners and
  • The Bureau/Secretariat

The ExCo articulates issues for the consideration of the GA/GM. Both the GA and ExCo meet at least two times in-between two consecutive CoPs (or one cycle of CITES COP). The Coalition’s Bureau (Secretariat) located in Kenya is manned by the country focal point for the Coalition supported by a team of volunteers drawn from the member State, Kenya.

Council of Elders

  1. Azizou El Hadj Issa                  Chair
  2. Bourama Niagate
  3. Fidelis Omeni                          Vice Chair
  4. Marcellin Agnanga
  5. Dawud Mume                         (AEC-AU Amb)

Urbain Belemsogbo

AEC Chairs: Kenya and Benin

Sub Regional Chairs

Central Africa: Gabon and Congo

East  Africa: Rwanda and Eritrea

West Africa: Burkina Faso, Niger & Nigeria

CITES Standing Committee representatives

East Africa: Ethiopia with Kenya as alternate

Central Africa: Congo with Chad as alternate

West Africa: Morocco with Senegal as alternate

African Elephant Fund: Ghana (Chair)